Lucent School & College Manager (LSCM) is an online powerful software solution for your all school & college needs.

LSCM (Lucentsol School & College Manager) is a versatile, reliable, user friendly and cost effective web based tool that provides quick, easy and comprehensive solutions for problems related to school & college management and interpersonal communication between school & college administration, teachers, students and parents. This tool is designed to provide essential support to educational institutions.

Lucentsol is

  • Easy and fast school & college management system for all
  • Manager for teachers to perform their tasks efficiently
  • System that provides reliable and attractive data representation and access.
  • Communication channel between school & college administration, staff, parents and students.

For Principals/Administration

  • Quick, easy and flexible time management.
  • Staff accounts management from top to bottom.
  • Comprehensive and easy to access representation of raw data in a very much presentable way.
  • Flawless communication channel with staff and parents.

For Teachers

  • automated student attendance
  • computerized management of marks and grades
  • Keeps updated with all the matters of school & college with no effort from teacher side.
  • Single place to handle matters of all your classes.

For Parents

  • Can access information of their children from anywhere anytime easily.
  • Frequent interaction with teachers.
  • Prior information about school & college events and holidays.
  • Reliable update about childrens attendance, progress report and fee payment.

Easy to Begin

  • Fast and reliable view of staff and student performance reports
  • Easy access with less number of facilities.
  • Can take print of any information very easily from anywhere.
  • Complete automation of processes.
  • You start using this software today and we are available to guide you anytime.
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Why Use LSCM?

  • Easy to use

    LSCM do not need very high computer expertise to work in it.

  • Business Intelligence

    This system provides interactive interface where one can view position of business anytime.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Data security according to all modern security standards is available in our system.

  • User friendly Interface

    LSCM's well planned interface is intended for every single person with very little knowledge of computer and web.

  • One web based application for everyone

    With centralized database system every one can stay updated with all the latest happenings across the school & college system.

  • Wide range of features

    A lot of features are available that will make your work effortless.

  • Let Parents Choose You

    Parents will always choose a school & college where they get answers about everything before they ask about it.

  • Hosted on Secure Servers

    Being web based, information can be accessed from anywhere in the world with tools not more than a single PC and internet connection.

  • Zero Data Redundancy

    In a world of technology no one has time to enter same data again and again in different files. LSCM provides a solution which requires less effort to mange your valuable data.


Staff Management

  • Mange your staff accounts along with their attendance, salaries, allowances/deductions and loans. You can also view your staff performance in report and graph format.

Student Management

  • Mange your student accounts along with their attendance, fees, examinations and extracurricular activities. One view details about student performance is available anytime in various formats.

Flawless Communication

  • Single and group messages provide fast, easy and reliable communication channel for school & college administration, staff, parents and students.

Scheduling Simplified

  • Managing timetable of students and staff is no more difficult. Easy and flexible timetable management is available for this task. You can view and print timetable schedule from anywhere anytime.

Finance Management

  • This section provides you the facility of managing staff salaries, staff loans, student fee and collections. You can also manage your school & college revenue and expenses along with the payment methods used in your school & college system.


  • All in one reliable view of school & college information is provided with complete ease and comfort. It includes staff, students and finance reports.


  • Examination system is fully customizable to be implementation according to administrators choice.

Fee Management and Tracking

  • A comprehensive and flexible system is available for fee management and tracking.

Student/Parent Access

  • Students and their parents can use the student login to keep in touch with the school & college management and stay updated with the students performance in school & college activities.

Promotion and Transfer

  • Student transfer and promotion system is available providing the ease to refresh your whole system for new academic session.


  • System notifications keep everyone updated with each and every thing corresponding to their needs.

Courses and Batches

  • You can manage batches and courses with complete freedom of implementing your choice.

System Settings

  • The system setting is very important part of the systems performance. These settings are for the administrator which is the supreme owner of the system.

Multiple Dashboards

  • Various dashboards with useful links to your needs are available to increase level of comfort for all users.

Staff Access

  • Teachers and other staff members have their separate login to view details for their own and to manage students attendance, fee and results.

Backup and Restore

  • For administrator, this system provide facility of keeping backup of their school & college records for avoiding and damage to records of school & college.

School & college Website Control

  • Complete management of school & college website including site logo, slides, gallery, events and news management is available. In addition school & college results are also available for the people at home.

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